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Your Good Skin - 3 steps to better skin?

Being somewhat a beauty enthusiast, I am always on the hunt for another great product line. While browsing the shelves of my local Boots I came across the section that housed the Boots own brand Your Good Skin. A brand that I had heard a lot of chatter about on the ol' beatuy blogs and YouTube so naturally I took this as a sign to try out a few of the products.

Soothing Micellar Cleanser

I liked the Soothing micellar cleanser but I didn't love it. It does the job in terms of removing makeup before a proper cleanse but out with that I didn't see any real benefits to my skin from using it. This is a very mild product and states it is suitable for all skin types. This isn't high on my list of products to repurchase, it is nice but nothing ground breaking.

Comforting Gel Cleanser

The Comforting Gel cleanser I used as my second cleanse after I had removed my makeup with the Soothing Micellar. This product, I love. It is a great second cleanse that washes away any left over makeup from the first cleanse and leaves skin feeling clean without any tightness. I used a 2p sized amount on dry skin that I massage in then use a Primark face cloth to rinse off. This removes the leftover makeup and sets you up to get onto your serums and creams. Again, this isn't irritating on the skin. Just very gentle and deep cleaning. I loved this cleanser so much that I have since finished my first tube and repurchased.

Rapid Rescue Treatment for Blem

ish Clearing

I was excited to try the Rapid Rescue Treatment for Blemish Clearing. It claims to reduce spots in 2 hours because I was in the middle of a hormonal breakout that just wouldn't shift with my usual products. I saw this Rapid Rescue treatment and decided to give it a go for some targeted spot clearing. With this I didn't see any change in my blemishes after 10 hours nevermind after 2. They just didn't look less red, feel less angry or become less prominant. It could be that my spots were too angry and too red for this treatment to work. There is 2% salicyclic acid in it so I did expect some sort of spot calming and clearing but alas it wasn't to be.

So did I get better skin with Your Good Skin?

The gel cleanser has definitely changed how I cleanse my face. It almost feels like going back to basics in a sense that this is gentle and cleansing without making my face feel tight and stripped. The other 2 products I can probably survive without...

Have you tried any of the Your Good Skin products?

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